John Deere customers who buy a ‘connectivity package’ with their tractor, combine or self-propelled sprayer in 2016 will benefit in a number of ways.

Connected to the local John Deere dealer, customers are not only buying technology solutions but also receive the appropriate level of product support; connected to satellites with AutoTrac, customers benefit from automatic guidance; connected to implements with Tractor Implement Automation, both machine performance and operator comfort can be enhanced; connected through the mobile phone network to John Deere FarmSight telematics solutions for machines, operators and fields, customers can improve their overall business performance.

With John Deere’s JDLink telematics, Remote Display Access (RDA), Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) and new Mobile Data Transfer (MDT), a suite of innovative solutions is available to connect all-makes machines and ISOBUS implements to the customer’s own Operations Center through the web portal.

With the customer’s approval, John Deere dealers can also remotely connect to their machines to update software, access diagnostic codes and perform troubleshooting. Using RDA through the Operations Center, farm managers, experienced operators, the local John Deere dealer or even an implement manufacturer can provide remote operator support to optimise machine and/or implement set-up and help with potential operator queries.

WDT serves as an integrated and advanced solution to allow the two-way exchange of set-up files, prescription maps and documentation data between the office and the machine in the field. WDT also automates data transfer and so saves time, as well as reducing the risk of losing the information.

MDT will be available from spring 2016. This will deliver similar core features to WDT, but mainly targets older John Deere machines and equipment of other makes that are not enabled for CANBUS data collection with a JDLink telematics system. Both of these solutions can save customers significant time and add flexibility by supplying reliable real-time data.

FARMSIGHT - 4D Doubleday Data Driven Decisions

What is 4D?

You may have heard the term “Farmsight” referred to by other machinery dealers, or perhaps at trade shows or marketing events, but have you ever thought about what it means for you, your produce or your business as a whole? In short, the main aims of FarmSight are to increase machine performance by optimising how it operates in all tasks, using advanced telematics to monitor everything from fuel use to tractor utilisation. Increasing uptime by using remote machine diagnostics, helping to cut out unnecessary service trips, improving first time fixes and maximising output in the field, which all leads to cutting the cost of operation.

The Doubleday Group strives to go the extra mile by providing the best service to our customers. With data collection and interpretation becoming extremely important but at the same time more difficult to implement within your business, our aim is to provide you with a new level of data led support so that you can get the most out of your investment whether you’re running one machine or a whole fleet. With this goal in mind we created 4D - Doubleday Data Driven Decisions.

Consultation prior to purchase

The Doubleday Group believes that a proper consultation with one of our Sales Representatives is an essential step in the process of getting the correct piece of equipment into your business. Currently there are 81 different models of tractor, each of which has an extensive list of options that can be selected. In 2018 the best-selling tractor in the UK was the John Deere 6155R which has an option list of 218 selectable option codes, this gives a potential for the factory to build over 45,000 tractors and not build two that are identical! Our Sales Representatives and Product Specialists have a depth of knowledge in this area enabling them to help advise you on the correct machine for the job, be it a John Deere 6175R for grain carting or an all singing and dancing John Deere Gator with LED lights, power steering and AutoTrac.