What is 4D?

You may have heard the term “FarmSight” referred to by other machinery dealers, or perhaps at trade shows or marketing events, but have you ever thought about what it means for you, your produce or your business as a whole? In short, the main aims of FarmSight are to increase machine performance by optimising how it operates in all tasks, using advanced telematics to monitor everything from fuel use to tractor utilisation. Increasing uptime by using remote machine diagnostics, helping to cut out unnecessary service trips, improving first time fixes and maximising output in the field, which all leads to cutting the cost of operation.

The Doubleday Group strives to go the extra mile by providing the best service to our customers. With data collection and interpretation becoming extremely important but at the same time more difficult to implement within your business, our aim is to provide you with a new level of data led support so that you can get the most out of your investment whether you’re running one machine or a whole fleet. With this goal in mind we created 4D - Doubleday Data Driven Decisions.

Consultation prior to purchase

The Doubleday Group believes that a proper consultation with one of our Sales Representatives is an essential step in the process of getting the correct piece of equipment into your business. Currently there are 81 different models of tractor, each of which has an extensive list of options that can be selected. In 2018 the best-selling tractor in the UK was the John Deere 6155R which has an option list of 218 selectable option codes, this gives a potential for the factory to build over 45,000 tractors and not build two that are identical! Our Sales Representatives and Product Specialists have a depth of knowledge in this area enabling them to help advise you on the correct machine for the job, be it a John Deere 6175R for grain carting or an all singing and dancing John Deere Gator with LED lights, power steering and AutoTrac.

Installation and handover

The Doubleday Group believes that all customers receive the highest level of customer care possible and this starts from the minute your machine lands in the country. It begins with a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) carried out by one of our highly trained Service Technicians, who thoroughly inspect the machine as per factory instruction and setting it up to your specific requirements. The PDI is then signed off by your Sales Representative following a visual inspection. They will deliver your machine to you, perform a machine walk round, go through the basic operation and safety features whilst making sure that you are completely happy with your new purchase.

At this stage you will also be introduced to MyJohnDeere.com, which will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the online portal where you can access parts catalogues, online parts ordering service and Stellar Support where you can download the latest software updates for your displays and receivers. MyJohnDeere also gives access to Operations Centre, JD Link and the AMS equipment simulator.

Familiarisation, Optimisation, & Data Collection

Time invested at this stage is time well spent, our goal is to see you through the early stage of ownership and be sure that you or your operators are confident and happy with all aspects of your new machine. Maintenance and operation are key to long term reliability, so our Customer Support Representative (CSR) will first guide you through the daily pre-start checks along with longer term maintenance as well as making sure you fully understand the safe operating procedure both for you and your machine. Our CSR will explain the setting up of front and rear linkages and why they need to be set differently for the various applications. At the heart of your machine is the display, this is where you can customise your machine for a wide range of tasks from altering spool valve flow to section control, our CSR has a step by step process to help this become second nature to you.

Optimisation is all about getting the most out of your machine in its given tasks which can include setting up the transmission correctly, making sure all technology is being used to it’s full potential along with tyres and ballasting. With improving tyre technology allowing you to run at a wider range of tyre pressures its important your operators know how to set these. Ballasting also comes in to play at this stage, as changing one will have a big effect on the other. This part of set up can have a huge effect on your soils. Over ballasting with hard tyres will cause compaction to depth which can be expensive to remove, too little ballast will cause high wheel slip smearing the soil surface and creating additional tyre wear. If desired, alongside the tyre manufacturer, we will come to your farm and calculate the correct ballast and tyre pressures for the various pieces of equipment you will be using and help ensure maximum output.

Machine display setup is fundamental to collecting good data that can then be used back in the farm office. Attention to detail at this point will save time later, making sure implements and work recording within the display are set up correctly, as well as making sure coverage is being triggered as accurately as possible.

Office based support – Agronomic & Telematic

The link between machine and office is becoming stronger. You can monitor all aspects of the machines from anywhere in the world from either your smart phone, tablet or computer as well as being able to import and export work plans, agronomic data and more.

By using JD link, we can work with you to ensure your machine is working to its full potential, looking at all aspects from machine utilisation to productivity. This data allows us to benchmark one machine against another within your own fleet or look at John Deere averages. This will pinpoint areas that, together with your team, we can refine your operations therefore improving efficiencies.

John Deere operations centre is designed to be a hub for all your infield activity. It’s a place to back up all your A-B lines and boundaries, to monitor machine location and fuel levels, record work completed and to analyse agronomic data such as yield maps, product applications and more. Easy access and interpretation of climate data is crucial, and this is an area where Pessl Instruments weather stations excel with their Field Climate platform. Field Climate allows you to access field conditions and disease pressures remotely. With the right setup, all of this can be done instantaneously, with very little input from your operators meaning you can see what’s going on in the field without leaving the office. Our Group Precision Ag Consultant is trained to work alongside you to guide you through the integration between the farm office and units out in the field ensuring quality data that you can base informed management decisions on.


Training events

Throughout the year we provide optimisation days for different machines as well as AMS training days. Usually held at one of our depot’s, and sometimes on farm, these events give us a chance to keep you fully updated about our products and to provide you with the latest training and information.

Our tractor FarmSight packages have been carefully designed to help support a wide range of farming businesses, meaning you can find a level of support that works for you, to see the options available follow the link below.

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Our relationship doesn't end once your machine lands on your farm, it only just begins!