What is AMS?

AMS stands for Agricultural Management Solutions and is a suite of products and services that are available to maximise the performance of your John Deere machines and business.

John Deere AMS, RTK , GreenStar™ and John Deere FarmSight™ create a complete Integrated package for precision data management and control of your farm equipment. 

As technology continues to evolve and bring added value to your farming operation, we at Doubleday are also evolving and working hard to bring added value to you as our customer. We offer full support with all our systems from purchase through to installation and beyond, for further details or a demonstration please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.


How does AMS work?

Guidance solutions contribute to machine optimisation by reducing skips and overlaps during precision operations. They provide accurate machine and implement positioning for yield mapping and precise control of inputs.

What activations are available?

The level of accuracy is determined by the Starfire activation used. There are three levels of precision available:

  • SF1 +/- 23cm
  • SF2 +/- 5cm
  • RTK +/- 2cm (repeatable)

Listen to John Deere customer James Nott and what he has to say about Agricultural Management Solutions. James is a contract farmer and farms 3,500 acres. He and his machine operators use a variety of John Deere Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS) including AutoTrac. 


What are the benefits of AMS?

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Reduced fertiliser and chemical usage
  • Higher productivity and profitability (Autotrac instantly increases productivity by up to 14%)
  • More sustainable farming
  • No matter which solution, AutoTrac offers many benefits to operators, including maximising working width of implements, reduced operator fatigue and the ability to work at faster speeds.​

Now with your John Deere Operations Centre, at it's simpler than ever to plan your jobs — from start to finish. From the new Notifications Centre, more monitoring tools like Job Monitor, simplified set-up and editing options, Operations Centre has more ways for you to turn your data into saved cash. You can see agronomic data from your machine in near real-time, including average yield, total yield, average moisture, seeding variety and rates, and more. The Field Analyzer tool lets you compare these layers side by side. And you can easily share planting and yield data with trusted advisors and receive variable rate prescriptions from those advisors.


What is is a package of operations available to connect your machines and operators with your business in real time. consists of:

  • Operations centre – which is your personal online portal to manage your operations
  • JD Link - which is the John Deere telematics solution that enables you to stay connected with your machines remotely
  • Field Connect – which is John Deere’s moisture syste