What is Pessl Instruments?

Founded in 1984, Austrian based Pessl instruments started producing one of the first electronic apple scab predictors enabling growers to time their fungicide applications more accurately. From there the portfolio grew quickly not only in disease predictions but also weather stations specifically designed for the agricultural sector. In 2006 an irrigation support system was launched with the ability to connect to a wide range of soil moisture sensors with one another. In 2018 Pessl Instruments developed a partnership with John Deere and most recently they developed the iScout which allows insect populations to be remotely monitored in field using a high-resolution camera.

With 35 years of experience behind Pessl instruments, you can benefit from accurate field data which is easily accessed and can be used for every day decision making, such as when to send the sprayer out on a job or deciding where and when to irrigate.


Weather Stations

IMT Range: Designed to be a fixed station around the farm yard for monitoring elements such as air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, leaf wetness, wind speed and more. The units are powered by a Solar Panel, with an internal battery and transmits weather data in real time using a sim card, allowing you to place them anywhere without needing to be in range of the wifi. The IMT stations can also send you alarms to alert you in cases of frost, heavy rain, high temperature. The IMT range is capable of supporting up to 600 sensors so can be customised to suit your needs.

ECO D3: Designed to be a portable, in field station for monitoring elements such as air temperature, rainfall, soil moisture and more. Again, powered by a Solar Panel, with an internal battery and transmits weather data in real time using a sim card so can be placed very easily into a field situation. The ECO D3 can support up to 400 sensors of varying degrees enabling you to create your own bespoke weather monitoring system.

LoRAIN: This model makes use of a communication network called LoRaWAN, this enables cost effective and timely monitoring of rainfall, air temperature and relative humidity where ever it is placed. With this data its possible to give you spraying conditions, work force planning, models for disease risks and infection dates relevant to a wide range of arable, veg and fruit crops, data can be used to produce a highly reliable localised weather forecast and virtual sensors for wind speed and global radiation can also be added.


All of the weather stations in the Metos range come with full access to the FieldClimate platform, which is cloud based piece of software designed specifically for collecting and interpreting your weather data , with it being cloud based there is no worry of loosing any historical data, it also makes it very easy to access via computer, ISO and Android apps and through John Deere operations centre . With FieldClimate you can also take advantage of the wide range of decision support tools which include localised weather forecasting, work planning, disease models and irrigation management

Decision Support Tools

Weather monitoring and forecasting

Precise weather monitoring on your field or farm along with highly precise, localised weather forecast calibrated with on-site data.

Water management

Improve water management by closely monitoring the status of your crop in the field.

Disease models

More than 85 disease models are available for more than 40 crops

Insect Monitoring

By using high definition cameras its possible to monitor pest thresholds remotely

Remote field monitoring

By setting up specialised cameras it’s possible to monitor crop growth in real time

Have your farms weather data in the palm of your hands!