What is meant by Precision Ag?

The term Precision Ag is used to describe a suite of products and services that are available from Doubleday to maximise the efficiency of your John Deere machines and your business.

John Deere Precision Ag Technology encompasses tools such as displays, receivers, machine guidance, automation and precision farming desktop software. When coupled together with the John Deere Operations Center and a 4D FarmSight package it creates a complete, Integrated solution for precision data and fleet management.

As technology continues to evolve and brings greater efficiency to your farming operation, we at Doubleday are also evolving and working hard to maximise the return on your machinery investments. We offer full support with all our systems from moment of purchase through the entire life of the product. For further details or a demonstration of our products or services please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.


Why use Precision Ag?

Precision Ag can benefit your farming business in all operations and is broken down into three key segments:

  • Guidance and machine automation has now become common place on most agricultural machines both new and old. John Deere AutoTrac gives the ability to reduce skips and overlaps during precision operations, increasing productivity by up to 14%. Headland Turn Automation will create the perfect headland turn every time reducing operator fatigue and headland compaction. Automatic Section Control for seeding operations and product application minimises wasted products in the field and lessens potential risk of adverse environmental impact.
  • On board telematics systems give you the ability to track and monitor your machines performance individually in real time. JDLink components on your machine are continuously sending information about the operation you are performing as well as metrics such as fuel use, idle time and productivity to the cloud allowing you to interrogate data from your phone, tablet or desktop. At Doubleday we help you understand this data with bespoke monthly analysis as part of our Premium and Ultimate FarmSight packages.
  • Documentation of agronomic metrics such as forward speed and depth during a tillage operation, applied seed rate whilst seeding or yield mapping whist harvesting allow you to make more informed decisions. This data can be transferred wirelessly into the John Deere Operations Center giving you the ability to record and analyse tasks carried out in the field by different machines seamlessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What levels of guidance accuracy are available?

Guidance solutions contribute to machine optimisation by reducing skips and overlaps during precision operations.

The level of pass to pass accuracy required varies by the task being carried out and is determined by the activation unlocked on your StarFire position receiver. There are four levels of accuracy available for the two models currently in operation:

StarFire 3000

SF1 +/- 23cm

SF2 +/- 5cm

RTK +/- 2.5cm (repeatable)

StarFire 6000/ StarFire 6000 integrated

SF1 +/- 15cm

SF3 +/- 3cm (9 months repeatability)

RTK +/- 2.5cm (repeatable)

Used Precision Ag Guidance systems

At Doubleday we also offer a wide selection of quality used guidance systems which are all checked and tested with the latest software versions prior to sale. To view our current stock please follow the link below:

View Our Used Precision Ag Equipment Here