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H Melton & Son

H Melton & Son are a family run Farming and Contracting business, growing winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley, sugar beet oilseed rape, spring beans and linseed. The farm covers a total of 1,430ha from their base near Wisbech.

Their machinery fleet comprises mainly of John Deere equipment and includes two John Deere self-propelled sprayers, two John Deere S680i combines, two John Deere 8400R’s as well as two 6R tractors.

H Melton & Son rely on John Deere’s range of precision ag products with tractors, sprayers and combines all being equipped with John Deere guidance. All the available StarFire receiver accuracy levels are used, varying from SF1 to RTK and are swapped between machines to suit the operation that is being carried out.

The majority of H Melton & Sons machines are fitted with JD Link MTG’s enabling them to transmit telematic data such as fuel usage and engine hours as well as agronomic data from all field operations that have been carried out directly back to the farm office. All of this data is fed back into John Deere’s operations center which they use as a day to day log of work progression, but more importantly operations center is the farms gateway between the machines in the field and Gatekeeper, removing the need to repeatedly take data from the farm office to the machines via USB stick.

The Melton family have been working with Doubleday Group for over 30 years and being early adopters of precision ag they have been working with our growing FarmSight team since the technology first came to market. To get the most out of their John Deere precision ag tools Andrew opted for the Doubleday Ultimate FarmSight package as it touches all aspects from interpreting telematics data to help with Farm Management software integration.

The John Deere Operation Centre & JD Link Dashboard brings in ‘big’ data that we can then use from each machine, providing valuable information to then be able to make field management decisions. This can be from optimizing machine setup and efficiency to application & harvest data import.

The Farmsight team have great experience & knowledge to help setup and implement this service, as well as being able to support us out in the field when needed. This is as important as the system itself.


FC & HS Allen Ltd

“My tractor popped up with an intermittent error message relating to the forward/reverse lever causing the tractor to keep putting itself into Park every so often. I called Luke, our Service Manager at Swineshead who had already seen the error code pop up on his phone. Luke was looking into the issue and called me back shortly advising he was going to remotely send me some software that will rectify my issue. As we were speaking on the phone, the tractor asked me to download a software bundle. I accepted this and let the tractor download the software whilst I continued cultivating. The tractor then told me the download was complete and to stop whilst it installed. I let the tractor do the install and this cured the issue. This all happened over the course of approximately 30 minutes, quicker than a technician would even be able to get here!”