Doubleday Sales and Aftermarket team visit Sulky Burel

On Wednesday 6th February, fourteen members of the Sales, Service, Parts and Precision Farming team visited our newest sales partner, Sulky Burel. While at the Chateaubourg manufacturing facility in north-west France, the Doubleday team were shown around the complete range of Sulky Products and met some of the design and production engineers that are based there. Doubleday Area Sales Representative Adam Langley of commented “The passion of the close knit family company really shows through, and it is the care and attention to detail which provides a solid backbone for the wide range of products that Sulky Burel build. The team were really impressed with the strength and build quality of the power harrows, as well as the precision placement of the seed when combined with a Sulky seed drill. The versatility of the fertilizer spreaders with the Tribord 3D border control system is a real game changer, and I was surprised by the simple calibration of the machine. With help from Sulky’s FERTITEST system it is possible to create a custom spread chart for almost any product you are likely to apply, it was simple and easy to use and I am looking forward to explaining it to customers in my sales area.”

We would like to say a special thanks to Julien Burel and Surge Suffissais at Sulky Burel for the hospitality that the team received during the trip. We would also like to thank Rob Thurkettle and Harvey Sherwin from Sulky Burel UK.

Our full range of Sulky demonstration equipment has started to arrive, and we would welcome to opportunity to show you in action, speak to your local representative if you would like to know more information.