Fuel Advice and Machine Optimisation Evening

On the evening of Tuesday 25th February 2020, we held a Fuel Advice and Machine Optimisation Evening to address the current fuel situation across the UK that are causing an increasing amount of problems for farmers and their machinery, whilst showcasing some best practice using real time FarmSight data.

During session one, we was kindly joined by the Exocet Team where they talked about their findings with UK Fuel at the moment and the reasons why the fuel is causing so may issues in tractors such as blocked filters and molecules in the injectors of modern day tractors. From the research Exocet have done, they are able to provide a solution by adding specialist additives into the fuel prior to it reaching your tractor to enable super clean and more highly efficient fuel. Over the Exocet product range there is an additive specifically suited for each problem that we commonly find in our fuels today, these products can be found at your nearest Doubleday dealership as well as the advise on what will be suited most for your needs.

On session two we were joined by two members of the 4D Team, Group Aftersales Representative Andy Webb and Group Precision Ag Consultant Josh Murphy talking through machine optimisation and fuel efficiency using data collected and examples from our Doubleday Demo Fleet. When we talk about fuel efficiency, the purpose is to use the minimum amount of fuel to achieve a specific task. However, this is not to be confused with lowest amount of fuel consumption because sometimes higher fuel consumption is the most efficient way of completing a task. Some things that can influence fuel efficiency can include the operator, tractor set up, implements, machine maintenance and guidance. Looking at our John Deere 6175R on our Doubleday demo fleet, the tractor spent 31% of its time in idle, compared to a John Deere 8400R that idled at only 18%, that’s 13% difference. By using real time data and statistics, if you take a standard John Deere 6155R that did 1000 annual hours with an idle time of 25%. This means that the annual idle fuel use is 880 litres and the fuel price in January 2020 of 0.63p by the fuel only this would cost £554.50 in just fuel idle time. However, it is not just the fuel in idle time that is costing the owner, things to take into consideration of a predicted depreciation of £3,276.00, repairs & maintenance of £895.00 which adds up to a whopping £4725.40 just in idle time. To find out how you could use data to make and help your decisions, your Doubleday 4D team will be available to help your every need.

Towards the end of the night, all the customers and employees that came to the evening enjoyed a delicious sausage and mash supper accompanied with fresh vegetables and gravy provided by the venue Whaplode Manor. During the event we hosted a competition to win 25 litres of Gas Oil Supreme (worth £400) which is enough to treat 75,000 litres of fuel. The winner was kindly drawn out by Group Sales Manager Alex Child and the winner was Vic Barker! Well done Vic!