What is FarmSight?

FarmSight covers three elements – your machine, technology and the support from our dealership to help you get the most from your investment.

How will FarmSight benefit me?

​Saves time

  • Proactive maintenance and better operator performance

Saves money

  • Reduces running costs and improves business efficiency 

Saves stress

  • Predictable running costs and more efficient management

What customer support does Doubleday offer?

Our Customer Support Representative (CSR), Andrew Webb provides on farm support from the moment you purchase your new machine.

Three separate visits are provided, free of charge, to you at various intervals after delivery:

  • 3 Days
  • 3 Weeks
  • 3 Months

These visits are arranged at your convenience, the interval timings are only used as a suggested guideline and can be changed to suit your needs.

What are the aims of these visits?

We want to ensure that you feel fully supported and are confident in getting the most out of your machine. Therefore each visit is deemed vital to ensure this high level of service is provided. During the first visit, soon after the delivery of the machine, the machine is installed efficiently on farm.Receiving this detailed installation should improve uptime and performance of the machine. Areas covered during the installation will include: Machine and implement set up, Tyres and ballast, JD Link etc.

The follow up visits are important to re-iterate any elements of the machine that you are unsure about and to confirm complete satisfaction with your purchase.

What happens after these visits?

Throughout the year Doubleday provides its customers with optimisation days for different machines. Held at our depot’s, and sometimes on farm, these events give us a chance to keep you fully updated about our products and to provide you with the latest training and information.

Our customer support doesn't end once your machine lands on the farm, it only just begins!