In today’s highly competitive world John Deere understand the importance of being able to fix your machinery costs, hence the introduction of John Deere PowerGard.

PowerGard is a service protection plan that enables customers to budget their repair and maintenance costs over a period to suit their business needs. There are three levels of PowerGard to choose from giving you varied levels of protection and coverage, speak to the Doubleday Aftersales Team who will be able to advise you on a personalised plan for your machine.

  • Turn your variable costs into fixed costs
    A fast ‘no quibble’ repair process minimises the financial impact of a machine repair.
  • Higher resale value, a machine with a full dealer service history and approved parts will always attract a better resale price, whenever the customer sells it.

No matter what the size or scale of the repair, if it’s covered by the PowerGard policy, the deductible per independent failure, will be the same amount.